any ideas for UOS?

Jörn Schönyan joern.schoenyan at
Wed Nov 12 08:27:04 UTC 2014

Hi everyone!

Am Dienstag, 11. November 2014 22:10:58 CEST schrieb Walter Lapchynski:
> Please join us for a Lubuntu-specific session at the Ubuntu Online
> Summit! It takes place from 1900-1955 UTC on Thursday 13 November
> 2014. It's called "Latest Developments in Lubuntu Development:"
At first, I hope I can attend, I think it will be interesting!
> It will cover the current state of the team and what we're working on,
> with lots of info on LXQt. If you look at the blueprint you'll get an
> overview of what we're going to cover:
> If you guys have any other topics you would like to discuss, please
> let me know. I plan on working on the presentation tonight, so please
> let me know as soon as possible. Thanks!
I have some suggestions about Lubuntu-Next, too - like Nio. One is specific 
to Lubuntu, so here it is:

PCManFM supports custom actions (PCManFM-Qt does support them, too, already 
tested that). Maybe we could implement some of them, simmilar to:

There are many easy tasks (like change wallpaper), there are some tasks 
that would need a bit more work, but would be really handy. My first idea: 
easy and totally lightweight backup with rsync. We encourage users to make 
backups, so we should help them ;-)

My next item is not exactly related to Lubuntu itself, but could be 
important for some users. I've posted something about that in Facebook's 
Lubuntu-Offtopic group some days ago, so I will only copy/paste my thread 
from there:

"Did someone here try btrfs with compression? For me, it's working really 
good. I did a test with Kubuntu, which takes quite a lot of time to boot to 
the desktop and with compression, it boots in roughly half the time, 
compared to no compression. Chromium starts much quicker, too. This test 
was on a third generation, mobile i5 with a quite slow hard disk drive.
I would like to know, if it would be suitable for a lower end computer, 
too. It could also be really useful for the first generations of eeePCs, 
which only have 4 GB HDDs.
At the very moment, it is tricky to install with compression. Here [1] are 
some tricks to do it at the install time. Personally, I did the compression 
after installing - unfortunately, I can only provide a german guide for 
that [2]. This wouldn't be suitable for the mentioned 4GB harddisks. You 
can find a bug report about that on Launchpad, too [3].

So if we could convince the Ubiquity team to make it possible to install 
*buntu on a compressed hdd, that would make life easier for some of our 
users. As I stated, it should get some attention by testers, too. Maybe 
someone with a old machine could try it before the summit?

Best regards, Jörn!

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