any ideas for UOS?

Walter Lapchynski wxl at
Wed Nov 12 23:24:10 UTC 2014

Do you want to present at UOS then?

On Wed, Nov 12, 2014 at 12:27 AM, Jörn Schönyan <joern.schoenyan at> wrote:
> Hi everyone!
> Am Dienstag, 11. November 2014 22:10:58 CEST schrieb Walter Lapchynski:
>> Please join us for a Lubuntu-specific session at the Ubuntu Online
>> Summit! It takes place from 1900-1955 UTC on Thursday 13 November
>> 2014. It's called "Latest Developments in Lubuntu Development:"
> At first, I hope I can attend, I think it will be interesting!
>> It will cover the current state of the team and what we're working on,
>> with lots of info on LXQt. If you look at the blueprint you'll get an
>> overview of what we're going to cover:
>> If you guys have any other topics you would like to discuss, please
>> let me know. I plan on working on the presentation tonight, so please
>> let me know as soon as possible. Thanks!
> I have some suggestions about Lubuntu-Next, too - like Nio. One is specific
> to Lubuntu, so here it is:
> PCManFM supports custom actions (PCManFM-Qt does support them, too, already
> tested that). Maybe we could implement some of them, simmilar to:
> There are many easy tasks (like change wallpaper), there are some tasks that
> would need a bit more work, but would be really handy. My first idea: easy
> and totally lightweight backup with rsync. We encourage users to make
> backups, so we should help them ;-)
> My next item is not exactly related to Lubuntu itself, but could be
> important for some users. I've posted something about that in Facebook's
> Lubuntu-Offtopic group some days ago, so I will only copy/paste my thread
> from there:
> "Did someone here try btrfs with compression? For me, it's working really
> good. I did a test with Kubuntu, which takes quite a lot of time to boot to
> the desktop and with compression, it boots in roughly half the time,
> compared to no compression. Chromium starts much quicker, too. This test was
> on a third generation, mobile i5 with a quite slow hard disk drive.
> I would like to know, if it would be suitable for a lower end computer, too.
> It could also be really useful for the first generations of eeePCs, which
> only have 4 GB HDDs.
> At the very moment, it is tricky to install with compression. Here [1] are
> some tricks to do it at the install time. Personally, I did the compression
> after installing - unfortunately, I can only provide a german guide for that
> [2]. This wouldn't be suitable for the mentioned 4GB harddisks. You can find
> a bug report about that on Launchpad, too [3].
> [1]…/trick-installer-to-use-btrfs-root-wi…
> [2]…
> [3]…/+source/ubiquity/+bug/204187"
> So if we could convince the Ubiquity team to make it possible to install
> *buntu on a compressed hdd, that would make life easier for some of our
> users. As I stated, it should get some attention by testers, too. Maybe
> someone with a old machine could try it before the summit?
> Best regards, Jörn!

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