Panel disappears after full screen windows

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Mon Nov 10 21:25:12 UTC 2014

On Mon, Nov 10, 2014 at 1:13 PM, Florian Coste <fcoste21 at> wrote:
> 2014-11-10 21:33 GMT+01:00 Walter Lapchynski <wxl at>:
>> On Mon, Nov 10, 2014 at 12:06 PM, Florian Coste <fcoste21 at>
>> wrote:
>> > 2014-11-10 20:05 GMT+01:00 Walter Lapchynski <wxl at>:
>> >> On Mon, Nov 10, 2014 at 10:40 AM, Florian Coste <fcoste21 at>
>> >> wrote:

>> >> > I'm a new user of Lubuntu 14.10, but I've some problems
>> >> > with a very small netbook.
>> >> > Asus EeePC 1001PX
>> >> > I've noted that this behaviour is only with full screen Firefox. I
>> >> > really
>> >> > need of full screen option, because of my small size of screen.
>> So on 14.10 for me I have no such problem. Admittedly, I'm using it in
>> a virtual machine, but I am using the Lubuntu Netbook with a 640x480
>> resolution and it works fine.
>> However, Alt+tab suggests that it's treating it as a window and not as
>> a dock. Which is interesting. I've tried to replicate it by changing
>> both lxpanel and openbox settings and I can't get it to happen.
>> Does the Guest user have the same problem?

> I didn't try the Guest user, so, firstly, when I log with guest user, I have
> an error message : "No session for pid 4118". It's not a welcome way to
> introduce myself !

I know. Known bug. Don't sweat that issue. :)

> But, surprise, after opening a window in full screen, the panel is still
> here ! I wanted to copy the file ~/.config/lxpanel/Lubuntu/panels/panel, but
> there is no file like that. Indeed, If a go to ~/.config/lxpanel/Lubuntu
> there is no repertory or file....

Yeah the Guest user is pretty darn locked down.

You should be able to get a default panel from

The issue also *MIGHT* not be lxpanel. It could also be openbox, for
example. Maybe even lxsession (I think that's unlikely, but possible).
You can find default config files for that in /etc/xdg. Try that if
lxpanel doesn't fix things.

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