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David Harrison olansa at
Fri Nov 7 10:45:19 UTC 2014

Hi Walter,

No results from that command. I had to grep lspci for 'kernel in use'
instead, which indicated the i915 driver. I checked the version in Synaptic
and I think it's the latest stock version from the Ubuntu repos.

Where I differ from the OP's situation on my Toughbook is having neither
two GPUs nor Dell's horrible 'smart switching' kludge (I had enough
problems with that under Windows on my other machine, a Dell M4800, that I
switched it to NVidia-only in the BIOS).

The Panasonic CF-18 running Lubuntu only just has room for the onboard
i915, so there is no ambiguity. I've seen varying reports of success using
either the driver from the repos or Intel's own installer...


On 7 November 2014 03:33, Walter Lapchynski <wxl at> wrote:

> On Nov 6, 2014 5:01 PM, "David Harrison" <olansa at> wrote:
> > My old Panasonic Toughbook uses 'old Intel' graphics and survived the
> transition to 14.10 without obvious hitches.
> > I can't remember offhand whether the driver was 'stock' or installed via
> the Intel utility. What's the best way to check via cli?
> `lspci -vvnn | grep -i vga -A 9` should cover things. If you don't see the
> "kernel driver in use" line, increase the value of 9 to get more lines.
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