Display Serious Issue with Lubuntu

Israel israeldahl at gmail.com
Sat May 10 13:01:11 UTC 2014

On 05/10/2014 06:53 AM, Ali Linx wrote:
> On 05/10/2014 12:08 AM, Aere Greenway wrote:
>> Ali, and all:
> Hi Aere and everyone,
Hi Ali!
>> I tried running Xubuntu (from a USB stick) on my HP Mini (which I
>> think has an 11-inch wide screen - I didn't actually measure it).
> Thanks a lot for your reply and for your tests :)
>> As far as I can tell, it behaved the same as Lubuntu.
>> The screen resolution on this machine is 1024 x 576, which is lacking
>> in the vertical dimension.
> On my Samsung Notebook 11" display, the resolution was: 1024x600 on
> both Xubuntu 14.04 LTS LiveUSB and Lubuntu 14.04 LTS that is installed
> on that machine.
>> In booting Xubuntu from the USB stick, when the window appeared
>> giving you the choice to either try Xubuntu (or install Xubuntu),
>> that window was too 'tall' for the screen, and the bottom was
>> cut-off.  It was not resized to fit.
> My LiveUSB is made by UNetbootin and the menu wasn't cut-off in my
> case and everything was okay.
>> After booting, I checked the system settings, and the display size
>> options were 1024 x 576 (the maximum), or a lesser resolution (which
>> would have cut-off things even more drastically).
>> When I ran my application, the bottom portion of the main window was
>> cut-off (the same as with Lubuntu).  My system requirements state
>> that it needs a minimum vertical dimension of 670 pixels, and 576 is
>> not enough for it.
> Maybe I didn't run enough application?
> Would you please tell me what applications you tested?

I think he was testing HIS application that he made.  He codes a few (or
maybe many) apps for Music creation in Java.  So the System requirements
for HIS program are a minimum 670 pixels.
>> As with Lubuntu, I could hold down the Alt-key, then click (and
>> hold-down) the left track-pad button (anywhere in the window - not
>> just on the title-bar), and drag the window upwards until the lower
>> right corner was exposed.
>> Then (as with Lubuntu), I was able to drag the lower-right corner
>> upward and to the left.  This allowed me to reduce the dimensions of
>> the window from its 'preferred' dimensions, to its 'minimum'
>> dimensions, but no farther.
> Yes, I can resize that - not sure I explained that? - but not all the
> application allows you to do so. Some applications/tools by default,
> are drawn in a way that none of the edges or borders are cut-off so I
> can read exactly everything without resizing and sometimes with
> resizing. However, some applications/tools don't actually allow you to
> do that or these do but to a certain point where you can't go further
> and after all, it is useless and you still miss the bottom part.

I think the issue at hand is that the applications themselves are coded
to have a certain minimum height/width in pixels.  As most devs do not
work on a screen that small, and may not envision someone even trying to
use a screen that small, they don't make a minimum width that will work
on small screens.
>> If my application allowed it to be re-sized smaller than the minimum
>> size, important controls would no longer appear within the window's
>> panels.  That's why there is a minimum size the application can specify.
>> There was nothing in Xubuntu that scaled the entire window to fit
>> within the screen.  If there is something you can do to make this
>> happen, please let me know (because I am not aware of it).
> What about maximize? not 100% sure what you mean? sorry!
>> As far as I can tell, Xubuntu behaves the same as Lubuntu.
> Maybe I didn't test enough. For me, they are not the same.

I think all the different distros have the same issue here.  And it may
be something related to the display manager.  I am not sure if X is the
issue here, or if it is something more along the lines of LightDM.  But,
the issue you have is that the application window is drawn on the
screen, and part of it is cut off because the window is larger than the
screen size.

This is a problem not with Lubuntu (AFAIK), but with the display server
and how it handles drawing.  I think the area to concentrate on would be
finding out if you can use the display server to emulate a higher
resolution (i.e. dropping pixels) in order to make it appear to UI that
the screen is larger than it is.  I wonder if there is someone who has
done something to work around this issue??

Anyhow, if you are interested in doing a bit of hacking...
You could edit the screen resolution to be higher than it is, and see if
your problem is solved.  Though when you are messing around with this
That way if you break something, you can always boot into single user
mode, or use a liveCD (like puppy) to fix something (deleting the config
that breaks it and restoring your backup)
>> - Aere
> Thank you again :)
> @Everyone
> Again, I'm asking :) yet no answer :)
> Against which package should I report this?
> Perhaps this is a general issue with Ubuntu not related to Lubuntu only?!


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