Upgrade Problem: Lubuntu PPC G3 13.04 to 13.10

Israel israeldahl at gmail.com
Wed May 7 02:29:42 UTC 2014

Unfortunately Puppy doesn't run on PowerPC.
You can always build a minimal system from either UbuntuMini Iso, or
It is rather fun, and you can exclude a display manager or use something
like Slim instead of LightDM.
I would try the video=nomodeset parameter first, and making sure you
have the right xorg files.
Though you may want to install something like JWM, and have a very
minimal interface (though you can make it look quite nice).
Of course you can also install 12.04, though the Lubuntu components wont
be updated, all the core of Ubuntu will be updated, so it will still be
I am not aware of any major security issues in LXDE that have been fixed
since then, and I also doubt that LXDE is any sort of target right now,
with Windows XP being a wide open unsupported (though, MS did put out a
recent security patch effecting XP and IE... if I remember right), but
very highly used OS.

On 05/06/2014 09:02 PM, Basil Fernie wrote:
> Two other possible solutions could be to try CrunchBang (very
> undemanding Debian-based distro) or LXLE which is to Lubumtu LTS more
> or less as Mint is to Ubuntu. These distros gllow easy access to the
> main Debian and Ubuntu repositories respectively, so you can pick and
> choose from the vat array of appications out there.
> Alternatively, you might look into the range of "Puppy" linuxes.
> Have fun!
> Basil Fernie
>> Greetings; newbie here!
>>   Old PowerBook PPC G3, 500 Mhz, 650 Mb ram; Mac PowerBook 'Pismo'.
>>   Lubuntu resurrected it, but for how long?!
>>   I've tried to update, twice, to newer, supported version 13.10,
>> with bad effects: white screen - without the ability to toggle to
>> terminal. Would an upgrade not have backward support for the graphics
>> on this old thing (purchased in 2000 AD), or is this not to be expected?
>> Could this finally be the twilight for this old machine? If so, is
>> this old machine finally ready for the heap? Recycleable in any way?
>> Many thanx! - Michael
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