Upgrade Problem: Lubuntu PPC G3 13.04 to 13.10

Basil Fernie basil at pop.co.za
Wed May 7 02:02:09 UTC 2014

Two other possible solutions could be to try CrunchBang (very undemanding  
Debian-based distro) or LXLE which is to Lubumtu LTS more or less as Mint  
is to Ubuntu. These distros gllow easy access to the main Debian and  
Ubuntu repositories respectively, so you can pick and choose from the vat  
array of appications out there.

Alternatively, you might look into the range of "Puppy" linuxes.

Have fun!

Basil Fernie

> Greetings; newbie here!
>   Old PowerBook PPC G3, 500 Mhz, 650 Mb ram; Mac PowerBook 'Pismo'.
>   Lubuntu resurrected it, but for how long?!
>   I've tried to update, twice, to newer, supported version 13.10, with  
> bad effects: white screen - without the ability to toggle to terminal.  
> Would an upgrade not have backward support for the graphics on this old  
> thing (purchased in 2000 AD), or is this not to be expected?
> Could this finally be the twilight for this old machine? If so, is this  
> old machine finally ready for the heap? Recycleable in any way?
> Many thanx! - Michael
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