Problem with adding Synaptics touchpad code to autostart

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Sun May 4 06:25:55 UTC 2014

On Sun, May 4, 2014 at 11:35 AM, sd <superduper3000 at> wrote:

>  From my previous experience with other command-line tools for various X11
> configurations there is a chance they do not work when specified in
> ~/.config/lxsession/lubuntu/autostart. I guess they are run too early and
> their settings get overwritten by the system after that point.
> So if the command you are interested in works if you run it manually after
> login, but it seems not to work when put in
> ~/.config/lxsession/lubuntu/autostart, then what works for me in such cases
> is to make a small bash script with a sleep someseconds and then the
> command. Then I call the script from ~/.config/lxsession/lubuntu/autostart,
> rather than the command directly. Like this I can experiment with the sleep
> timeout, until I find a value that works. In my computers that have SSD the
> sleep time is as small as 1 or up to 3 seconds to be really sure. In HDD
> computers, you may need to experiment with much longer sleep values
> sometimes, if in doubt use 60 seconds or higher.
> Thanks! That's a very good point. Actually, I use "sleep" myself. In the
GUI I just point to this script:

 #!/usr/bin/env bash

(conky -p 5) &
(sleep 3s && tint2) &
(sleep 3s && nm-applet) &
(sleep 10s && cpu-usage-alert) &
(sleep 3s && /home/vasa1/.dropbox-dist/dropbox) &

I'm going to pass on your solution to the poster but it would be nice to
see some new/old faces at :)
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