Problem with adding Synaptics touchpad code to autostart

sd superduper3000 at
Sun May 4 06:05:09 UTC 2014

>From my previous experience with other command-line tools for various
X11 configurations there is a chance they do not work when specified in
~/.config/lxsession/lubuntu/autostart. I guess they are run too early
and their settings get overwritten by the system after that point.

So if the command you are interested in works if you run it manually
after login, but it seems not to work when put in
~/.config/lxsession/lubuntu/autostart, then what works for me in such
cases is to make a small bash script with a sleep someseconds and then
the command. Then I call the script from
~/.config/lxsession/lubuntu/autostart, rather than the command directly.
Like this I can experiment with the sleep timeout, until I find a value
that works. In my computers that have SSD the sleep time is as small as
1 or up to 3 seconds to be really sure. In HDD computers, you may need
to experiment with much longer sleep values sometimes, if in doubt use
60 seconds or higher.

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