Touchpad middle click

Tong Sun lubuys.xpt at
Sun Mar 23 14:51:12 UTC 2014


The touchpad middle click from my new ASUS laptop is not working. I'm
wondering how to fix it. I'm using LUbuntu 13.10.

The touchpad for my old laptop look like this, taken from

[image: Touchpad Mouse]I've never really understood why the idea of
creating a laptop that includes a third mouse button never really took off.

It behaves like this, if you tap at the bottom right corner it does Right
click. But if you tap at the top right corner it does *Middle click*. This
is the default setting.

And pressing both left & right button will simulate Middle click as well.

But none of them works with my new ASUS laptop.

I found a "fix", at
but that is for GNOME 3 <>.

Anyone can help?

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