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> Subject: Re: how to avoid the nm-applet wireless icon in the panel?
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>> [ . . . ]
> I know you can remove lubuntu-desktop, as it is simply a package that 
> pulls in depends... but I am not 100% sure if that will keep the things 
> you need to connectivity.
> Since you are not on an LTS it wouldn't matter if you removed it, as 
> nothing will be upgraded in lubuntu (though this is changing for 14.04)
> *Make sure it isn't going to remove the network manager*, but if it wont 
> AFAIK it would be fine to remove it.  I have removed lubuntu-desktop 
> before (changing plymouth) and suffered no ill effects.
> Of course you could switch network managers and use WICD...
> Lets see if anyone else will chime in on this subject :)

Thanks for helping!

But, tt's not that simple i'm afraid. Just to precise:

>From a former fluxbox setup, i moved over to lubuntu a conky file which
nicely monitors all network activities (see a screenshot here:

To setup i'm used to use ceni which does fine all what i want (and i'd
like to continue with that).

I tried to remove by 'sudo dpkg -r --ignore-depends=lubuntu-desktop
network-manager-gnome' which worked. But then, doing 'apt-get update
&&apt-get upgrade' i had to do 'apt-get install -f' before (which
re-installed network-manager-gnome).

Frankly, i'd like to keep lubuntu-desktop for eventual dependencies when
it comes to update&upgrade.


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