Help installing Wireless adapter

Dagoberto Gomez dagoberto_gomezv at
Wed Mar 19 23:10:54 UTC 2014

I am completely new to Linux and just installed Lubuntu 13 on a very old HP Pavilion zv5200 laptop. I understand I need to install NDISWRAPPER in order to make the Broadcom 4306 WiFi work. I already have the Windows .inf and .sys files for the wireless adapter.

I downloaded ndiswrapper-1.59.tar in another PC and copied it to to the Linux laptop.
I extracted the file but when I tried to build it using 'make' it said 'make' was not installed.
I found out I had to install 'build-essential' but when I tried this (sudo apt-get install build-essential) it just said there were no candidates.
I tried looking in the Software Center and Package Manager but found no mention of ndiswrapper, make, or build-essential.
I am getting really frustrated as I do not understand how to install or even find these commands.

I would appreciate it very much if someone would be patient enough to show me the way to get ndiswrapper and my wifi adapter working.


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