To Be Extra Fair and Honest

Ali Linx ali.linux at
Tue Mar 18 20:03:03 UTC 2014

Hi Lubuntu Team and Julien,

Lately, I've been far from my daily activities with Linux World. 
Recently, I'm not as active as I used to be before. The reason is, I've 
been so busy with Real Life and just yesterday, got very bad news from 
home that my grandmother is very sick and at ICU so real life (thank God 
- can't complain) has been giving me really hard time.

No, this is not a personal email. This is a public apology from my side.

When I was active and less busy with Real Life, I didn't understand nor 
appreciate what is the real meaning of being busy with Real Life to the 
point that you can't reply any email. I was one of those who was upset 
at Julien for being far from us and not communicating with us. Just 
yesterday, I realized and fully understood what is the REAL meaning of 

I've been at the very same situation that Julien is at right now and has 
always been lately.

To make it short, if Julien does not care, he would have faded away long 
time ago. The reason he is around still is because he still care about 
this community and this system.

And, I'm a fair man and admit when I do mistake.

I'm sorry Julien, I didn't appreciate your situation but being in your 
shoes these days, I now do respect your situation and all what you're 
trying to do or have done. It is really really really hard to cope with 
everything at the same time. I hope you forgive me.

I just wanted to get this off my chest to feel better. It is good when 
someone does a mistake (whatever it is) and admit and say sorry.
I do feel you now. It must be so hard for you. It is so hard on me.

Saw the email. Good luck and glad that finally all the hard work that 
everyone had put into Lubuntu has come to a very nice end ... finally, 
Lubuntu is an LTS release :)

We, at Ubuntu GNOME, should follow your steps soon ;)

I'm not a developer but a very active contributor and project manager 
for many projects (StartUbuntu, Ubuntu GNOME, ToriOS, etc) . A free 
advice and suggestion: never ever underestimate the hard work that a 
developer is doing. In fact, every volunteer no matter where he/she is, 
no matter what he/she does; must be appreciated as he/she is refusing to 
enjoy the extra time he/she has and decided to put that somewhere to 
help some people. Those people deserve each and every respect.

Good luck everyone and wish you all the best!


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