have you got a really old computer

Ali Linx ali.linux at amjjawad.net
Sat Mar 8 11:13:12 UTC 2014

On 03/07/2014 04:53 AM, Nio Wiklund wrote:
> Hi,
Hi Nio and everyone :)

> We want to try a new kernel for Trusty Tahr, that is developed by
> PhillW. Many people help to build an Ubuntu based operating system
> around it, a system that should work on most computers (maybe except
> some of those brand new ones that cannot switch off UEFI).
> We have a wide variety of computers, but have not found any really old
> one without PAE capability. I'm not talking about Pentium M and Celeron
> M, I'm talking about CPUs before Pentium II:
> Pentium Pro, Pentium (i586), or Intel 486 or maybe the corresponding
> generation of AMD from 1993-1997.
> I have an old computer from 1998, and it has a Pentium II CPU at 400
> MHz, so it must be older. Check for a clock frequency at or below 200 MHz.
> If you are a happy owner of such a jewel, please help us test that the
> non-pae kernel really works in a computer without PAE capability :-)

I'm the owner of this:

However, for two good reasons, I'm afraid I can't help:

First and for the most important thing: such OLD machines are 100% 
useless for 'nowadays' usages and I insist on 'nowadays' usages. If 
someone is willing to use CLI ONLY, that is different story but 
seriously, we're wasting our time here for nothing valuable. That is my 
opinion after years of trying and exploring many things.

Dealing with more than 50 different machines in 3 months or so, I have 
learned a lot from old and new machines.

A friend of mine gave me this:

And the laptop is not accepting anything now so it seems another 
challenge to poke.

Second of all, my super old laptop is broken. Last time I tried to play 
with it, it was in a very bad status. I can NOT install anything unless 
I take the HDD out and put it back it. The cables are not in good 
condition as well tell you the truth, I don't want to do 'more' tests 
just to prove something I already know and the world should as it is 
common sense.

If you follow this thread:

You will come to know that and to save everyone's time, may I put that 
in few lines?
That P2 machine with 64MB RAM can't do anything further than logging 
into the desktop :)
Nothing beyond that ;)

See, we all here love Linux. No one can question my love nor yours to 
Linux and FOSS. However, let's please be realistic and logical here.
Yes, my project ToriOS is for old machines but I'm definitely not ready 
to waste my time nor anyone's time on machine with very and I mean very 
low resources like P2 with 64MB RAM :)

If someone needs CLI ONLY, there are some alternative already exist :)

You guys should better know what you're doing. There is a difference 
between 'going the extra miles' and between 'doing something totally 
pointless' and to state my public opinion here: It is a waste of time to 
try with machines older than 2000 :)

What are we expecting from super old machines? what exactly are we 
willing to do with that? think about it. This question must be answer 
before going further.

Unless of course you mean P2 with more than 512MB RAM which I doubt 
because OLD motherboards have limitations with the range of RAM they 
accept. Even though, such weak CPU can't do much.

I'd love be proven wrong :)

Our efforts should be for a machine that could cope with the latest 
technologies. Yes, can run happily one tab, no more.

This machine of mine:

Can't handle 3 opened tabs at the same time :)

If I use Gmail and Facebook, I have hard time and whenever I open 3, the 
machine shouts for help.

You clearly can see it is P4 with 512MB RAM.

Now, you're asking for a machine from 1993-1997? to do what? logging to 
the desktop?

I shared my opinion and advice. It is your call now :D

> Best regards
> Nio
Thank you!


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