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I've got the same understanding that Anthony has mentioned, and I think I
saw this on the PPC FAQ . . . that USB boot is not supported until
something like > '04 units or so . . . and so after that time it would be
possible and before that it would not be, etc . . . .  In my case both of
my PPC units I believe to be prior to the time, so I burn the iso to CD/DVD
and boot . . . the old-fashioned way . . . .  But, indeed, possibly it
could be booted via FW . . . I don't know the details on getting iso file
to boot that way; my iMac has lost the FW port . . . .

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> From: Anthony Hoppe <anthony.hoppe at gmail.com>
> To: Israel <israeldahl at gmail.com>
> I do not believe booting via USB is supported by Apple PPC firmware,
> period.  I don't have much experience with installing Linux on PPC
> hardware, but I do know that with Mac OS you can only boot via FireWire.
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