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Thu Jun 26 07:49:34 UTC 2014

lubuntu-users-request at schrieb:
> Hello All,
> I've just installed Lubuntu 14.04 (32 bit) on an old Pentium III machine 
> and get an error on login, "Desktop manager is not active". Any helpful 
> thoughts will be most welcome.
> I have full access to the machine via the command line, but haven't a 
> clue how to kickstart presumably, lxde.
> Peter HB

Did you try startx from the console? Also: It might be an idea, given
you have network connection running, to install an alternative login
manager like slim, eg.

	sudo apt-get install slim

Then, in case lightdm is installed but somehow broken, you would be
prompted with a question which login manager you prefer. Choose slim and
see what happens.

Otherwise, try from the console

	dpkg-reconfigure lightdm

Good luck!

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