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Wed Jun 25 16:27:34 UTC 2014

I am guessing the mail server is playing hookie and not sending all the 
messages through or something, because Normally I hear back from someone 
and I know someone else had posted a week or two ago if their message 
had went though or not because no one ever answered their question.

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On 06/24/2014 07:55 AM, Dale Visser wrote:
> I use Lubuntu 14.04 on our living room machine and my work machine, 
> but the OS that got me started down the path of "LXDE on Ubuntu" was 
> Peppermint 3, which was based off of Lubuntu 12.04 (unknown to me at 
> the time). My daughter's netbook, and the Dell I'm writing this on run 
> Peppermint 3 quite happily.
> It's produced out of my area of the world (southeast United States), 
> and the latest, just released, Peppermint 5, has been based off of 
> Lubuntu 14.04:
> I have no plans to install it, since right now all my systems will get 
> security updates for years to come, but it looks like a great release 
> that might interest others on this list.

I have always been a fan of LU but finally gave up on 14.04... Just too 
buggy right now, if you have been following with the group emails or not 
of the things I have been reporting.

Right now I have a full install of LU on the bottom, but I have XFCE 
installed on top of it, since this is my day to day machine, I put up 
with the quirks of LU for a couple weeks and finally gave up and put 
Xubuntu on top of Lubuntu. Sure LU is still there, just got to log out 
and on the log in screen click LU DESKTOP but in XFCE I hid all the LXDE 
applications but a couple. I think the only one I didnt hide with 
alacarte is the LXTASK I dont care for xubuntus I like how Lu's tells 
you CPU usage and memory usage.


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