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Mon Jun 23 00:22:14 UTC 2014

From: Israel <israeldahl at>
> On 06/19/2014 10:02 AM, luca bellini wrote:
> > Hello everyone,
> > the installation of Lubuntu 14:04 Desktop has serious problems on
> > PowerPC G4 with Nvidia GeForce4 MX video card, the problem should
> > involve the driver "nouveau" that do not work well, you should restore
> > the old Nvidia drivers (NV). I also tried the disk "Alternate" but it
> > is not loaded at boot time (this remains a mystery). So I do not know
> > what else I can do ....
> > Greetings.
> >
> >
> Hi, sorry you are having issues.
> You might try using this xorg.conf file
> Let us know how it goes!
> If that isn't your exact device... take a look at
> This is a very helpful resource.
> It is helpful to describe what 'serious problems' means.  Can you boot?
> what does the screen look like?  Is it simply black?
> You may need a yaboot parameter, or to download the proprietary nvidia
> drivers.  nouveau is focusing on newer cards, so the older ones may not
> work anymore...
> hope this helps!
> --
> Regards
@Luca & Israel:

Wanted to follow up on this, because this area is one of the critical
points for PPC users of machines that have the Nvidia card--and somewhere,
perhaps on the Apple Users 'Buntu forum, I saw/read that the NV module??
was no longer provided in the 14.04 install??  Or no longer "supported" or
find-able . . . .

I was given the links to a wiki on how to do a "retro-install" of nv for my
G4 iMac 800 MHz about two years ago, and the nv driver provides the best
clarity for the GUI desktop, although before I got the nv driver set up, I
think the "fbdev" driver was "OK" . . . .  The driver does have to be
indicated on the config file . . . but, if they aren't installed or no
longer available (I also heard/saw that the fbdev driver is "not
supported"??? in 14.04??) . . . that might be an "insurmountable" problem
for PPC users . . . such as myself & my iMac . . . ???  It sort of casts
doubt on the intention of 'Buntu's to provide a system for PPC for too much
longer??  Possibly the 14.04 "driver update" app would be able to find and
install an adequate video driver, but if not . . . the dreaded black
screen, or worse, the 1/3 green/2/3 black screen . . . fading into a
mottled black screen . . . are the resulting outcomes to the wrong driver .
. . .  And then typing in a TTY window that can't be seen can be the
conditions that one works in until the right driver is found, etc.

I'm still waiting to see if the 14.04.1 system will be an easy install on
my iBook with a radeon driver, although, even that computer, which was a
completely trouble free install for 12.04 . . . now, apparently needs some
boot parameters . . . because radeon drivers are now not supported??  The
G4 PPC machines are still running fine, and are still roughly within a
decade in age . . . Apple dropped them like a hot stone . . . seems like
there should be a way to get the 14.04 "PPC" system to actually run PPC
computers without going through what I did to "retro-install" NV . . . but
now we can't even do that?  I'm thinking that the iMac will remain in
12.04/OSX 10.4.11 for the remainder of it's service lifespan . . . .
possibly the iBook might make it to 14.04, but with my testing of the Lubun
14 LiveDVD there were problems with dragging windows and slow scrolling,
etc--it was "rough" for the iBook.  Can anyone comment about whether the NV
driver could still be found, "retro-installed" and used for Nvidia running
PPC units??

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