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I hope that at his next update the whole pack of cards does not come tumbling down... removing things ad-hoc can remove libraries needed by both

Time will tell :) I do wish him well, but lubuntu and xubuntu do share libraries and removing some apps from one may remove libraries from the other, which will not be apparent until an update when the system just bitches 'library file xyz' missing, aborting.

Well Phil you will be glad to know I reformatted last night and left LU underneath just installed ALACARTE and hit all the Lubuntu stuff I wont be using so far so good pc has been up and running 8:37 min says my little bar at the top of the screen :D here in XFCE
( TOP RIGHT where it says  CPU MEMORY SWAP  in this screenshot)

pps.. and wow LU installs in like 10 min thats the fastest install ive ever seen lol.   		 	   		  
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