How to retain native application icons?

N. W. nw9165-0219653 at
Sun Jun 15 22:47:04 UTC 2014


> Israel wrote:
> [...] The way you can modify the icon to use the 'original' icon is
> in the desktop files. [...]

thank you for your tutorial. Much appreciated.

However, can't I simply just delete "/usr/share/icons/lubuntu/apps"?

I know, Rafael said one shouldn't delete system files/folders. But
wouldn't that give me the result I want? 

> Israel wrote:
> The easier answer is of course to use a theme that doesn't have
> integrated icons for apps, as Rafael > suggested.

Sorry, but that is not easy at all. Most of the icon themes that do
look good, do come with integrated icon apps.

So, switching from the Box icon theme to another icon theme does not
necessarily solve the issue.

When I switch to the Faenza icon theme, the issue would be the same.
When I switch to the elementary icon theme, the issue would be the
same. And so on and so on.

Rafael suggested:

> Rafael Laguna wrote:
> [...] The choose gnome icon theme. It retains "original logos". [...]

Well, I knew that. Even before I was posting the question here on the
mailing list.

However, I think the Box icon theme, for example, generally does look
better than the GNOME icon theme. But I do not like that it is using
it's own icons for applications (which are different from the original

As far as I can see, the GNOME icon theme does not fiddle with the
application icons, simply because it doesn't come with custom
application icons, right? The "/usr/share/icons/gnome/XxX/apps" folder
only seems to have icons for GNOME apps, but not for third-party
apps like Firefox, Audacious, Thunar, Sylpheed, LibreOffice and so on,

So, if I would delete all the icons inside
"/usr/share/icons/lubuntu/apps", which I do want to be original, then
that should solve the issue as well, shouldn't it?

> Israel wrote:
> Don't be offended by him.  Sometimes it is easy to be offended when it
> seems as someone is criticizing your hard work. 

It was not my intention to offend him. I also told him: "I do not say
that your logos look bad." ;). And I really mean that. His logos look
quite good.


When I look for an application like Firefox or LibreOffice Writer or
Sylpheed or whatever..., then I usually know what to look for because I
know how their icons/logos do look like.

Now, when I am using an icon theme that has application icons which
differ from the original icons, that actually is distracing from work
because the applications which usually can be easily recognized from/by
their icons, suddenly can no longer be recognized from their icons as
easily, simply because the icon is a different one.

Personally I think that is very off-putting. And I could imagine that
it would be even more off-putting and confusing for people that are not
much into tech.

By the way, if I would have intended to offend him, I would also have to
offend other icon theme designers, because, as already mentioned, a lot
of icon themes do come with application icons which differ from the
original application icons.

Well, that leads me to a question:

Considering that you all seem to tell me that I should use another icon
theme if I want the application icons to be original, could you please
name some good looking, professionaly made icon themes, which retain
the original application icons (apart from the GNOME and Humanity
icon themes)?



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