How to retain native application icons?

John Niendorf john at
Sun Jun 15 15:13:22 UTC 2014

Well I am new to the list, but this strikes me as, well, silly.
Is the debate really over how someone chooses to display an icon on
their system?
If you like the "default" icons or are afraid of violating a trademark
then by all means feel free to use whatever icon came with the for me I prefer icons that match my theme...


On 06/15/2014 04:29 PM, N. W. wrote:

> well, I think customizing icons is a fine thing, as long as you only
> customize things like folder icons or some arrows or buttons or
> something like that.
> But logos? No, I think that's wrong.
> Why?
> Because logos are "trademarks". The app developers probably put a lot
> of thought and work into making their logos and they probably were
> striving for recognizability and identiy and so on.
> Now, look at your Audacious or Sylpheed or Thunar logos for example
> (just three examples). They are completely different from the original
> logo. You kinda damage the recognizability and identity with that.
> And that's what I do not like. I would like the application to have
> their original logos.
> Regards

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