Good ol' UNRELIABLE Lubuntu :(

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> Hi Folks,
> So I accidentally dozed off and went to bed. I LEFT the PC ON.... Just
> turned the screen off.... Just now woke up at 12:30 its now 1:09 AM
> and I decided to check on something. I turned the screen on, moved the
> mouse.... NOTHING.... Screen stayed black and went to sleep. I jigged
> the mouse, started pressing keys on the KB nothing....  I knew it was
> froze up because I could hit CAPS LOCK and the light would never turn
> on, Had to power off and back on...
> I am just tempted to go back to windows. give up on this Linux Crap.
> Christopher
> Im using 14.04
> --
> ~ Christopher ~
> chris at

Linux is the system kernel, it seems the issue  here is with the power
saving or screen saver in lubuntu, rather than the kernel, saying that, it
seems basic features still have bugs and issues, which are giving the
whole of Linux a bad name.

try doing a google search for your video chipset and lubuntu 14.04 see if
anyone else out there has found a specific bug,  post links here if you
get stuck with anything.


Hi Paul,

Its an NVIDIA thing but here is the thing, THE BUNTU'S are so Bipolar it seems like because standby works PERFECT in Kubuntu and in Xubuntu
but in the rest of them, gnome, LXDE it is very here and there / hit and miss when it comes to standby working and hibernate working when
it works fine in XU and KU. I dont get that.


~ Christopher ~
chris at


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