Mozilla SeaMonkey

James McCoy 1138kamal at
Wed Jun 4 19:37:07 UTC 2014

SeaMonkey is now version 2.26 if that helps. There is also a website 
that converts Firefox and Thunderbird addons to be SeaMonkey compatible!!

Indiana / USA

Israel wrote:
> On 06/03/2014 08:30 PM, c. marlow wrote:
>> On 06/03/2014 05:48 PM, Israel wrote:
>>> On 06/03/2014 05:05 PM, James McCoy wrote:
>>>> Anyone use or familiar with SeaMonkey? I tried it and fell in love it
>>>> with as lightweight replacement for both Firefox and Thunderbird. I do
>>>> have a couple of questions.
>>>> James
>>>> Indiana / USA
>>> Oh yeah Netscape Navigator to the extreme (if anyone remembers that)
>> ======================================
>> I LOVED netscape.. I really miss it.. Stupid AOL for stopping its dev.
>> at version 9.0 Used it exclusively for years. well I didnt like the
>> 9.0 version I stuck with 8.x and the classic theme I was familiar with
>> the 9.0 was a whole new thing and looked totally different.
>> christopher
> But if it didn't get 'killed' we wouldn't have Firefox, or Seamonkey as
> both were started from the Netscape source code that was opened up, and
> given to the public to prevent That Hiddeous IE from becoming the *only*
> browser.  Basically Netscape saved the Internet from becoming a horrid
> mess by giving its code to the community.
> Can you imagine an IE only world... bleh....
> I guess there would still be Safari and Chrome, and all the other WebKit
> browsers.  Now, does anyone remember if KDE started WebKit?  It seems to
> me they did, but it may have been Apple... hmmm... I think it was
> KWebKit at first... could be wrong though...
> Unfortunately I think Seamonkey is GTK (is this correct?), not Qt, so in
> the future you may need to look for a Qt browser, though no browser has
> the WYSIWYG editor/E-mail/Browser function.  Seamonkey is pretty sweet.
> Puppy Linux uses it as the default browser, so it must be pretty fast
> and light.
> I wonder if Lubuntu is going to merge forces with Ubuntu and use some of
> the Ubuntu Touch apps (once they are mature enough), such as the Ubuntu
> Web browser.

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