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Wed Jun 4 05:06:41 UTC 2014

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> Unfortunately I think Seamonkey is GTK (is this correct?), not Qt, so in
> the future you may need to look for a Qt browser

>From a siduction/razor-qt installation i know qupzilla which is not that
bad, though i really prefer firefox. Just for its configurability from a
point of view of anonymity, privacy and security. Qupzilla allows a fine
tuning of proxies and so on, but not that configuration "under the hood"
as firefox does with 'about:config'.

I'm not sure if firefox is really gtk, seems to me it behaves different
compared to other applications when you do changes in lxappearance. But
i'm not so deep into linux. In any case i'd like a much to be able to
stick with firefox/thunderbird for (internet) privacy/security reasons
(i'm  connecting to the net behind privoxy/tor ;-);-) ).

Just a question: When/if lubuntu-qt will come out, does that mean it
only is able to use qt native applications  (in razor-qt it was not like
that)? If so, for many things that would mean, you would have to install
- with lots of dependencies - kde applications ... ???


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