lubuntu toolkit (?)

farinet at farinet at
Mon Jun 2 09:39:53 UTC 2014

Just a thought:

I'm trying to strip down as much as possible the environment for my
powerbook (to keep it still functional in this times of large and ram
eating applications).

Now, i thought it would be nice, if lubuntu would offer something like a
toolkit how to strip down - but keeoing the lubuntu look and feel.

1) To be able to do this i think one ...nice thing would be, to reduce
as much as possible the dependencies (i notice that debian often has
less dependencies than (l)ubuntu). I think i also understand the reason
of certain dependencies from a point of a new to linux user. E.g., i do
not see why gpicview is a dependency. If i try to remove it, even with
'apt-get remove --no-install-recommends' i tries to uninstall lots of
other core apps. Same goes for network-manager
2) I experimented e.g. with tint2 instead of lxpanel and on my pb i'm
able to have the same functionality (with some tricks) as lxpanel but
with less use of ram.

3) A good explanation how to use pcmanfm without the desktop icon control.

4) Alternative window managers (?) (Personally i tried jwm but turned
back to openbox since i don't see so much advantages. jwm is a bit
faster (and very easy to configure -once you got the basics!), but for
me the combo openbox/tint2 is less ram eating, more eye candy and also
very fast).

But may be, i'm totally wrong?

Thanks for your patience anyway.

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