NO way of disconnecting?

Israel israeldahl at
Sun Jun 1 16:57:43 UTC 2014

On 06/01/2014 10:21 AM, c. marlow wrote:
> Hello,
> I am on sat. Internet and I like to DISCONNECT from the internet so I
> know if something decides to run away with my data while I am not on
> the computer, it will not happen because I essencially disconnect from
> the internet.
> But when clicking on the 2 blinking computer icons in the tray and
> right clicking and going to DISCONNECT nothing happens, I am still
> connected it does not matter what I click on disconnect, repair,
> connect...
> Is there a work around for this and why does the icons not work?
> Thanks,
> Christopher
Are you using nm-applet?

Obviously (as you surely know all ready) you can manually disconnect the
Ethernet cable, or if it is wireless and you have a hardware switch you
can use that.
If you are using nm-applet it should work to disconnect via the GUI, not
entirely sure why it wouldn't.  How are you starting nm-applet for your


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