Lubuntu Version Fro Netbooks

Israel israeldahl at
Thu Jul 17 18:58:19 UTC 2014

On 07/17/2014 12:16 PM, Aere Greenway wrote:
> On 07/17/2014 10:07 AM, Deborah P wrote:
>> Since the Windows XP that was pre-installed is no longer supported I
>> wanted to try an open source OS and Lubuntu was recommended.
> Based on my experience with my Windows test machines (including two
> that still have XP), as long as you don't browse the Internet or do
> e-mail on your XP system, you can probably keep your XP partition for
> running software that doesn't work on Linux.
> This claim is based on my experience so far.  I use my Windows
> partitions strictly for testing, and don't browse the Internet or do
> e-mail with them.  I offer no guarantee.
> I like Lubuntu, and it will run on slow machines that are now too slow
> for Xubuntu (a 450 megahertz, 512 megabytes RAM machine, for example).
> Kubuntu seems to run better than Ubuntu/Unity (which appears to be
> even slower than Windows 7).
> Just my general experience in testing various systems.  I have not
> done benchmark performance testing.
I agree fully with Aere.  Your machine is powerful enough to run most
versions of Ubuntu.  You would have a somewhat slow experience with
Ubuntu Unity (the default Ubuntu) and Kubuntu and possibly Ubuntu Gnome
Remix... though I have never tested that one, but all the others should
run fine.  You need around 4Gig to get the best experience from those.

Lubuntu or Xubuntu will be the best experience for you.  You can
repartition to keep XP, but as Aere said DO NOT use the internet.  You
can also install ClamTK  to rid your windows partition from Viruses. 
But running XP is fairly risky.  Also, if your processor supports it you
can run a Virtual Machine of XP to run Windows programs inside Ubuntu.

If you choose Lubuntu and have issues, just post and e-mail here and we
will do everything we can to help you!  There are certain graphics cards
and wireless cards that need an extra step to get working (you need to
install additional things).

We look forward to hearing from you again!!


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