PPC g4 nVidia and nouveau white flag!!!!

Fritz Hudnut este.el.paz at gmail.com
Sun Jul 6 00:30:06 UTC 2014

> There is a version for PPC... just not an Alpha release... it is a daily
> rolling release.
> It is rather elusive to find, so here you go:
> http://iso.qa.ubuntu.com/qatracker/milestones/317/builds/70586/downloads
> It changes everyday so you need to md5sum it THAT DAY.
> And zsync comes in really handy for these pre-release times.
> You can test it one day, then zsync it a few days later so it is up to
> date with the current iso,
> and you aren't downloading the entire thing again.  It also helps if
> your md5sum is wrong.  Usually zsyncing fixes it right up (actually it
> always has in my experience).
> The problem with Apple hardware, is that most GNU developers dislike the
> crushing proprietary nature of Apple.  So, very few of them use it, or
> develop for it.  Though, the (older) newer intel macs are fairly well
> supported, but Nvidia drivers are always a pain... though that should be
> changing sometime.
> @Luca, did you ever try using proprietary Nvidia drivers?  Sorry I can't
> remember.  They may not even exist for your model.  And I agree with
> @Fritz, 12.04 is the best viable solution right now, until Debian irons
> out at very least the hw-detect bug (the no sound problem Fritz is
> talking about)


Thanks for that link . . . right now I've been waiting for the 14.04.1
update for possible install testing on my old iBook . . . haven't check
recently, a couple weeks back it was still just 14.04 . . . has the .1
happened yet?

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