PPC g4 nVidia and nouveau white flag!!!!

Israel israeldahl at gmail.com
Sat Jul 5 20:30:50 UTC 2014

There is a version for PPC... just not an Alpha release... it is a daily
rolling release.
It is rather elusive to find, so here you go:

It changes everyday so you need to md5sum it THAT DAY.
And zsync comes in really handy for these pre-release times.
You can test it one day, then zsync it a few days later so it is up to
date with the current iso,
and you aren't downloading the entire thing again.  It also helps if
your md5sum is wrong.  Usually zsyncing fixes it right up (actually it
always has in my experience).

The problem with Apple hardware, is that most GNU developers dislike the
crushing proprietary nature of Apple.  So, very few of them use it, or
develop for it.  Though, the (older) newer intel macs are fairly well
supported, but Nvidia drivers are always a pain... though that should be
changing sometime.

@Luca, did you ever try using proprietary Nvidia drivers?  Sorry I can't
remember.  They may not even exist for your model.  And I agree with
@Fritz, 12.04 is the best viable solution right now, until Debian irons
out at very least the hw-detect bug (the no sound problem Fritz is
talking about)

On 07/05/2014 02:02 PM, Fritz Hudnut wrote:
>     On 07/04/2014 09:26 AM, luca bellini wrote:
>     >
>     > hi I've tried everything to try to get my old G4 with Lubuntu 14:04
>     > but at this point I give up. I've tried a hundred xorg.conf but
>     no one
>     > went well I guess I'll wait for the 14:10 ... greetings
>     >
>     >
>     >
>     Hi Luca, I am so sorry for you.
>     I wish PPC was better supported, I have also had issues with 14.04 and
>     an iBook... But, fortunately the base of 12.04 is supported so Ubuntu
>     Mini ISO install is still viable.  And even with Lubuntu 12.04 the
>     main
>     parts of the OS will be updated, however all the LXDE components wont
>     be, and there is no such thing as a PPA for PPC (as far as I know...)
>     One can only hope Utopic is really utopic for PPC :)
> @IsraelD:
> One could "hope" that Utopic is PPC friendly, but, didn't wxl say,
> "there is no 14.10 alpha for PPC due to lack of response to request
> for testers . . ."????  Personally haven't had time to throw at it
> either on my G4's . . . figuring that 12.04 is the extent of it . . .
> .  But, if there is no NV driver or nouveau isn't, what?  "adjusted"
> to handle nvidia cards, doesn't look like 14.10 will be anywhere close
> to being "utopia" for PPC . . . .
> @Luca:  I've got a G4 iMac 800 MHz processor, with now 1GB RAM that is
> running 12.04 quite well . . . using nv driver, but I also used
> fbdev?? driver . . . did have to set up the xorg.conf file . . . if
> that looks close to you, I'm happy to email a copy of it to you??? 
> Unlikely to work for 14.04 though . . . I think it's beyond the
> capacity of the G4 to handle that system???  But, 12.04 is perfectly
> fine, except because I have wifi card, that seems to interrupt
> "suspend" . . . and I think the latest kernels took sound away, other
> stuff . . . I mainly still use 10.4.11 w/ Ten4Fox + perian and
> video/Youtube is back . . . .  Linux is just for sh**s and giggles to
> fill in the idle moment . . . as PPC falls below the event horizon of
> Linux and so forth . . . .  : - )
> Let me know on the xorg.conf for Xu/Lu 12.04 with nv driver
> (retro-installed) . . . .
> F/e.e.p.


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