Startup notify on Lxde

Pierre Gobin lubuntu at
Thu Jan 30 22:55:15 UTC 2014

Hi all,

When an app is launched on Lubuntu (and Lxde in general), there is no 
indication for the user that the app is really launched (no hourglass 
pointer). This is quite annoying on old computers - the Lubuntu target, 
on which the launch may be a bit slow. Having no reaction, average user 
tends to launch the same app several times.

I guess I have already seen some discussion about this subject, but I 
can't remember when and where. As far I remember, this was an openbox 
bug. Can someone confirm that ?

So my question is to know if it is a known bug, or if it is useful to 
report this bug, and where (Lubuntu, Lxde, Openbox ?).

Pierre Gobin

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