OBI tarballs of Bento OEM installation

Nio Wiklund nio.wiklund at
Mon Jan 27 19:45:48 UTC 2014

Hi everybody,

Bento (by Mélodie) is a remastered flavour of Ubuntu 12.04,


This system also promises long time support until April 2017. Like
Lubuntu, this system works well with old hardware as well as newer
hardware. See these links

I found a way to make a working OEM installation with Bento. There are
now two tarballs, that I have uploaded to I uploaded the
version ready for the end user to my rather crowded google drive account

1916796928  bento-ubuntu-remix-DVD-RC-i386-2012.04.4.iso
1737755268  Bento12.04.04-oem0.tar.xz  # in OEM stage
1743518004  Bento12.04.04-oem1.tar.xz  # ready for the end user

I installed it manually with the following IDs:

    User name: OEM
    Login name: oem
    Password:123456  # can be anything
    Hostname: oem    # that is 'computer name'

and installed oem-config like this:

   sudo apt-get install oem-config
   sudo apt-get install oem-config-gtk

and copied the starter from the menu to the desktop for

   sudo oem-config-prepare

Finally to make it easier to install full language support, I installed

   sudo apt-get install language-selector-gnome

and the end user should run 'Language Support' from the Settings menu,
select and install the own language and probably make it work for the
whole system. After reboot it will work properly (at least Swedish works
for me, also keyboard settings).

I think it is a nice system well worth testing :-)

Best regards

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