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Aere Greenway Aere at
Wed Jan 29 04:08:29 UTC 2014

On 01/28/2014 08:21 PM, Israel wrote:
> I like to test the installer for every new release, as (for me) I 
> think that is what new users will use, and I like to make sure it will 
> work as expected, and go smoothly. 
Israel & all:

This is just how I do it.  It works for me, but I don't claim it is best 
for anyone else.

When a new release comes out, I download the Live-CD (Live-DVD) ISO, and 
try running with it to make sure everything I need seems to work properly.

In some cases, I create a Live-USB from the ISO (with a persistence 
file, so changes I make (installed software) are saved on the bootable 
USB).  On such a USB, I have been able to install my full suite of 
required software & applications.

When I am satisfied with the new system, I save things (like my FireFox 
bookmarks) in my migration folder.  Then I back-up everything in my 
home-folder (used-id) to an external hard-drive in case the upgrade 
doesn't work.

I then apply the latest updates, after-which it offers the upgrade to 
the new level, which I select (assuming I have a few hours available to 
hang around for it to complete).

If the upgrade works, I am done.  It has worked on every release since 
the 11.10 release.

If it doesn't work (it hasn't failed since 11.10), I install the system 
from the Live-CD (or Live USB), re-install the software and applications 
I use (a lot of work), then restore my home directory from the external 
hard-drive.  In this case, I would import my FireFox bookmarks from my 
migration folder (where I exported it earlier).


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