Lubuntu 13.04: EOL due to on January 27th

Iberê Fernandes ibere.fernandes at
Sat Jan 25 01:41:49 UTC 2014

Friendly reminder: Lubuntu 13.04 EOL (end of life) is due to January 27th.

Suggestion for this weekend: upgrade your Lubuntu 13.04 as I just did.

I use Lubuntu in a partitioned HD. /home and /swap are separate from /root.

Usually I format /root and do kind of a fresh install of Lubuntu.

This time I decided to just upgrade due to some Lubuntu 13.10 issues
that everybody is aware of.

Conclusion: for me, this time the upgrade worked better than the kind
of fresh install I used to do.

If you're upgrading like me, some suggestions before upgrading:
1) sudo apt-get update
2) sudo apt-get dist-upgrade
3) reboot to have the latest updates online.
4) sudo apt-get autoremove
5) sudo apt-get autoclean
6) sudo apt-get clean
7) disable any PPAs that you have added previously
8) sudo do-release-upgrade

Wait... take some coffee, go watch a movie... Reboot.

9) Be a happy Lubuntu 13.10 user.

Best regards,

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