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I meant to say Linux installs, not Windows installs.
On 01/20/2014 11:14 AM, Mark Wallace wrote:
> I think that the alternative install is really for systems that the 
> regular install won't work on.  If you have very low memory the 
> regular install will fill the memory stick or run very slowly. Then 
> you would use the alternative install because it would be faster.
> If it's that slow, you might not be working with enough system to do 
> what you want to do.  Someone who isn't computer savvy might not get 
> much benefit out of a very slow system.
> If you haven't done a lot of windows installs, sometimes the system 
> will stop running inexplicably while you are loading the install 
> media.  That might be because the memory stick fills up without fully 
> loading the info that it needs to run.  Shut the system completely 
> down for about thirty seconds and try again. I have also found that 
> wireless USB mouses sometimes interfere with a Linux install.  
> Disconnect the USB connection and use the touchpad if you can.  
> Otherwise, use a regular USB mouse.
> I mention these because you don't get any sort of explanation when 
> this happens, it just stops loading or installing.  These things could 
> well happen with older, limited hardware.
> If you run out of recipients, I can have users for all of the systems 
> that you can put together in the Philippines.   Contact me off list 
> for details.
> Mark
> On 01/20/2014 10:23 AM, Jeremy T. Cherny wrote:
>> Hello.  I'm starting a project to redistribute older PCs to folks in 
>> need.  Lubuntu seems to work well for this.  I see it mentioned that 
>> the alternative install version of Lubuntu is good for automated 
>> deployments but I don't see any specific mention of how-to documentation.
>> Would I use the same procedures outlined for Ubuntu or is there 
>> something else I should be reviewing?  Thanks for the help!
>> -Jeremy
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