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> Note: the name might be change later so don't pay much attention to the
> name, but the idea itself :)
> Hello,
> Myself and Nio have teamed up to work on this project so I'd like to
> invite ANYONE who would like to join us ... he/she is more than welcome to
> join :)
> Everything should be explained on the above thread.
> If you have any Q, please do ask :)
> Thank you!
> --


We are about to start the development but there is a one step left that
must be done first:

If you wish to help to decide a name for the project, that is great. I am
trying to base everything on the 'team work' and 'community decision' even
with the name :) yes, it is my own project but I do hate to be a dictator
and I'd love to share each and everything with the community even with the
simplest things :)

Once the name will be decided (54 votes so far), I shall rename this area:

And then, will set a new project on launchpad with blueprints and the real
fun will begin :)

Mubuntu is taken and even if it is not, I can't use "ubuntu" unless go
through Canonical. We didn't want to go that way, that is why it took so
long to decide for a name but it is okay as everyone is enjoying that :)

Again, the idea is to create a system that is super basic, simple, fast,
minimal and above all, support the NON-PAE machines and oh yes, it is going
to be an LTS release and the biggest advantage is:

This project should be ready before 8-4-2014 which is the EOL date of
Microsoft Windows XP so it will be one of the major players for StartUbuntu
Projects :)

It will be based on Ubuntu 12.04 LTS Mini ISO and once 14.04 LTS will be
released, we shall go for version 2 but that is too early to talk about now.

These are the latest updates for those who might be interested :)

I have contacted "Barry" regarding Puppy Linux but his reply wasn't really
promising and it seems he is not interested in any projects as of now. I
might contact him once more but he didn't reply my last email yet.

Remember: "All of us are smarter than any one of us."
Best Regards,
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