[Lubuntu-comms] the USB chainloader that helps other USB drives boot

Nio Wiklund nio.wiklund at gmail.com
Wed Jan 1 16:41:53 UTC 2014

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2014-01-01 17:19, Israel skrev:
> I was asking because I had received a laptop a while back where I had
> the problem of a broken Optical drive.  I couldn't install a fresh
> operating system without first using an optical drive, as the BIOS
> didn't support USB booting.  I did end up taking apart the laptop and
> using a different laptop's optical drive to boot and install Lubuntu.

That's a good way too :-)

>  I
> was wondering if this provided some awesome (and seemingly impossible)
> solution to something I had encountered that I couldn't find a
> workaround for.  I suppose this is something that would be hard to do,
> unless you had 1 specific BIOS you were targeting and knew the internals
> well enough to hack around and get a hack to boot from a USB.... :(

That seems impossible to me

> Though I am sure this will be a handy tool to have.  It seems like there
> are quite a number of us here that get old 'broken' WinXP computers and
> have to do some clever things to get them to boot, and function (reminds
> me of Ali's current battle with his Laptop).

Yes, there are quite a number of us here that get old WinXP computers to
work with Lubuntu and similar distros :-P

> Fortunately hardware vendors are beginning to work to make things easier
> for us now, rather than difficult (except the silly M$ UEFI debacle...
> though EFI to boot straight into Lubuntu would make boot times
> phenomenal rather than using GRUB... like a Mac does with its EFI)

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