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Rafael Laguna rafaellaguna at
Wed Feb 19 17:40:41 UTC 2014

That's true. If you want to use 10.04 you should be able to, and programs
must work the same way. But you must expect some weird changes when you
update some parts of the system (like the artwork only).

I must tell you that my computer is worst than "3rd world". It's an AMD K7,
and I can't run Unity., but Lubuntu Trusty Tahr runs as fast as light, with
compositing and transparency effects. Trusty doesn't have more RAM
consumption than Precise. You should install anwhere, and I recommend it,
because the developers may fixed some bugs you still have on your computer.

Rafael Laguna
Lubuntu Artwork Team

2014-02-19 18:03 GMT+01:00 Salama <mando2u2003 at>:

> Just because 12.04 reached EOL doesn't mean that we shouldn't use it!!
> Some old machines - with very low memory - won't be able to use the
> new versions.. so 12.04 is the only available solution to many users
> in "3rd world" countries.
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