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Tue Feb 18 16:39:49 UTC 2014

@Kadrija, I'm not sure if we have the same version, but my Lubuntu theme is
working fine. Look at Disks and Transmission using standard Box theme:

@Israel, these apps aren't written in QT, they're still GTK3 apps. And the
theme is focused (and I recommend using only GTK3 apps in Linux for the
moment for obvious reasons) on this libraries more than the (almost)
obsolete GTK2.

Rafael Laguna
Lubuntu Artwork Team

2014-02-18 13:50 GMT+01:00 Israel <israeldahl at>:

>  On 02/18/2014 03:26 AM, Kadrija Hrlovic wrote:
> I don't know if it is a bug or a feature, but in some programs, such as
> Transmission and Disk Utility, orange colour is used for highlighting and
> when selecting menus
>  It seems to me that those are Qt programs, and so will use whatever Qt
> theme you are using.
> So you can always change the Qt theme to something you like better.  Of
> course, I am not sure it Lubuntu has a Qt theme that matches the Default
> GTK theme (though with LXQt coming, I am sure it is in the works if it
> doesn't exist yet).
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