Lubuntu 14.04 and PAE flag

Ali Linx ali.linux at
Mon Feb 10 09:33:11 UTC 2014

On 02/10/2014 07:04 AM, Ray Hackney wrote:
> Is the upcoming version of Lubuntu, Trusty, going to incorporate 
> 'fake-pae' (or some other method of dealing with no PAE on some legacy 
> transitional systems) during a live session boot or installation?
> I've tried a couple of the recent daily builds of Trusty and they 
> don't boot on my old P3 laptop with an i440BX chipset. I'd like to 
> figure out if it's due to the PAE flag issue or something else. I'd 
> like to have hope of being able to update my Lubuntu 12.04 
> installation without scrapping the machine.
> ----
> Ray


Nothing yet done but ToriOS ( should be the rescue 
solution for those with NON-PAE machines. We don't know how many are 
they but we're sure they are and therefore, we shall do our best to help 
and draw a smile on their face :)

Thank you!


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