Lubuntu 14.04 and PAE flag

Nio Wiklund nio.wiklund at
Mon Feb 10 05:15:40 UTC 2014

2014-02-10 04:04, Ray Hackney skrev:
> Is the upcoming version of Lubuntu, Trusty, going to incorporate
> 'fake-pae' (or some other method of dealing with no PAE on some legacy
> transitional systems) during a live session boot or installation?
> I've tried a couple of the recent daily builds of Trusty and they don't
> boot on my old P3 laptop with an i440BX chipset. I'd like to figure out
> if it's due to the PAE flag issue or something else. I'd like to have
> hope of being able to update my Lubuntu 12.04 installation without
> scrapping the machine.
> ----
> Ray
Hi Ray,

The official builds of Trusty will *not* incorporate any non-pae kernel.
And there will be no official flavour including fake-pae.

There is a community effort to provide a non-pae kernel for Trusty. I
hope it will succeed, but it's a long way to go.


This being said, there are several methods, that should work for you to
run an old P3 laptop.

1. If I remember correctly, Pentium 3 has a PAE flag and PAE capability,
so it should not be an issue for that computer.

2. If it is some unusual Pentium 3 version or a Celeron M or Pentium M
CPU, that has no PAE flag but PAE capability, I suggest that you use
fake-PAE according to this link (which will be but is not yet
implemented for Trusty)

3. and / or simply continue running some flavour, re-spin or distro
based on Ubuntu 12.04 LTS, that promises long time support:

Xubuntu until April 2015
LXLE, Bento, Bodhi and Precise Gnome Classic Tweak until April 2017.

Depending on kernel you might or might not need fake-PAE.

If the computer has low RAM, you can try the One Button Installer
instead of a conventional installer according to


But there are other obstacles. Some drivers for old hardware are dropped
along the road from Precise to Trusty. So for that reason you might need
Precise (12.04 LTS) to make your old computer run well.

Best regards

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