WOTL: Any thoughts for best desktop value these days?

emninger at riseup.net emninger at riseup.net
Tue Dec 23 16:12:31 UTC 2014


I'd think a used Lenovo would be the best value for price in the used
market. Technically as Nio stated. IME, safe you have special
interests, i'd try to avoid graphic cards with hdmi on them (since they
often create trouble.

May be it's useful to google a bit about most linux friendly graphic
cards (i think intel (?)). Eventually, it's easy to change in a

For a "combi use" together with MacOS X you should check the various
sites which cover this issue (once i was pretty well informed on this
since i installed Leopard on a Dell Netbook for my wife ;-) - but it's
years i did not touch that anymore).

Good luck!

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