WOTL: Any thoughts for best desktop value these days?

Boris Reinhard reinhard.boris at googlemail.com
Tue Dec 23 14:35:25 UTC 2014

Hi Fritz,

depending on who you ask it's sometimes ATI/ AMD and other times Nvidia
with lousy GPU driver support under linux, best to check some recent
discussions and benchmarks on phoronix for some inseight on that topic. I
prefer Nvidia. ;)

Anyhow, personally I always go for custom build systems if at all possible.
Meaning picking individual components that suit your need and budget. Often
you can make a bargain if you look at older stuff on eBay, either for
components or complete systems, so that would be worth a look.

Newer stuff, especially if you'd want to go with Intel CPU's like the i7,
is sadly quite expensive, recent AMD CPU's for FM2+ are much more
affordable so maybe something new would be possible there.

But you can also get used core 2 duo Intels at around 2,8 GHz on eBay
easily at a good value, quad cores even of those older socket 775 CPU's are
often still quite expensive but you could get lucky on that.


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