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Eric Bradshaw ericbradshaw at
Sat Dec 20 01:34:46 UTC 2014

John Hupp,

I had no idea that was a bug. I went searching for something to help out 
I'd installed Netflix for and got a much shorter script out of it - I 
assume because it
uses/relies on xotool. Now, I have no interest in developing this. I 
only offer it up
to see if it will help. I include the following paragraph from 
usr/share/doc because
I had been planning on including it in our next respin.

Mouse Mover is a non-copyrighted, community solution to a common problem; to
keep the Lubuntu/LXDE screen from blanking every 10 min while watching 
To use; go to Sound & Video --> Mouse Mover. Works silently in the 
This uses xdotool [] by Jordan 
vasa1 developed this script to move the mouse if CPU usage exceeds 5%; 
which is
what normally happens when watching video via Netflix, or YouTube, etc. 
He was
helped by Vaphell on the Ubuntu Forums, terdon on StackExchanhge and several
others. C4C stumbled across the script over a year later, added an icon, the
Mouse Mover name and put it in the Menu of the C4C Lubuntu ReSpin.

sudo apt-get install xdotool

Then create the file
sudo leafpad /usr/bin/

Copy and paste the following:

#!/usr/bin/env bash


while true; do
   if ps -eo %C --sort -%cpu | head -2 | awk 'NR==2 { exit !($1>10); }'; 
       xdotool key shift
   sleep ${sleep_period}

Save. Then open PCManFM as root
gksu pcmanfm

Navigate to /usr/bin/, right-click and choose "Properties"
from the drop-down. Click the "Permissions" tab and then choose
"Anyone" from the Execute dropdown. Click the "OK" button.
Copy the "mouse-mover" folder, paste in /usr/share/applications
Before watching Netflix, YouTube videos, etc.
Select Menu --> Sound & Video --> Mouse Mover

When asking vasa1 who/how to thank, he sent his modified script that uses
the [Shift] key.

#!/usr/bin/env bash


while true; do
   high="$(ps -eo %C --sort -%cpu | awk 'NR==2')"
   if ps -eo %C --sort -%cpu | awk 'NR==2 { exit !($1>5); }'; then
       xdotool key shift
   sleep ${sleep_period}

Thank You,
God Bless,

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