How old is your computer?

John Hupp lubuntu at
Thu Dec 4 17:11:52 UTC 2014

Quite a few Windows XP era machines with Pentium 4's.  These are up to 
about 12 years old.

Also 1 Windows 98 era machine with a P3 @ 800 or 900 Mhz, running 
Lubuntu 14.04, good for most purposes except Flash video.

I also have some REALLY old machines (P2 @ 400-600 Mhz, maybe even a 
Pentium 1 in that mix) that I can run as LTSP clients, again good for 
most purposes except Flash video.

The biggest constraints with the older hardware are having enough 
memory, and having a well-supported graphics card.

On 12/4/2014 10:26 AM, Barry Titterton wrote:
> Hi All,
> How old is the oldest computer that you have in regular use?
> I was prompted to ask this question by a comment that I over heard while
> doing some Linux advocacy at my local community centre. They run
> beginners computer courses (Windows only) so I popped along to see if
> anyone would be interested in Linux and FOSS. There was a conversation
> which included the statement "If your machine is 3 to 4 years old it
> must be getting worn out, so you need to think about getting a new one".
> This got me thinking about my own machines and I realised that my main
> desktop PC (Pentium D 3.2GHz), that I use every day, will be 9 years old
> in February, and it is still capable of running Ubuntu 14.04 very well.
> So how old is your machine?.
> Regards,
> Barry T

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