Lubuntu : One month later

Aere Greenway Aere at
Wed Dec 3 21:41:00 UTC 2014

On 12/03/2014 01:30 PM, Florian Coste wrote:
> In fact, it's just a suggestion. I know that many people recommend the 
> LTS version for beginners. In the french unbutu website, after some 
> discuss, we had put foward the LTS version Ubuntu 14.04 for beginners. 
> (If you're not a beginner, I presume that you know which version is 
> better for you). I know that in official ubuntu web site, the 14.10 
> version is put foward also, but I wondering if it would be great to 
> put foward the LTS version of Lubuntu.
> I know that it's a choice to do. But in Lubuntu web site, if you click 
> on first donwload links you'll donwload the 14.10 version. I think 
> it's a little bit tricky, don't you think ?
> As sometimes advanced users advice to use the LTS version, I think the 
> web site should retransmit this message (if it's a good advice to 
> start with LTS version, because, you won't have to update your system).
Florian, and all:

I wonder if a relevant piece of information regarding this (particularly 
for beginners), is how reliable is the upgrade process from one LTS 
version to the next?

I can't yet answer that from my own experience.

I know the upgrade process from one release to the next release has been 
very reliable, but I haven't yet tried upgrading from one LTS release to 
the next LTS release.

Can anyone speak from experience on that?


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