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> Hi Fritz,
> It might be worth trying to add a new user.
> Check if the new user has the same issues.
> If the new user does not have any issue, you can of course simply
> migrate your configurations to that account.  And also it will mean
> there is some sort of issue.
> Moving the .cache wouldn't hurt.  As long as you move it (instead of
> remove).  You can always copy it back again.
> If you create a new user you can systematically go through all your .
> (dot) files and find the problem if you are really interested in
> discovering the actual issue.  Then you can diff the two files and find
> out what is the issue.  But of course simply having a working user
> (other than guest) would be the goal :)
> --
> Regards


The new user account is also what was suggested on the 'buntu answers site,
and it did work to get me passed the log in window.  I guess I could spend
time to try to compare the . files . . . or even move config files . . .
but of course they might be the problem?

Anyway, done deal . . . don't know if this falls under the "It's PPC"
paradigm, like in the movie, "It's Chinatown, Jake . . . "????  Running
similar updates in 14.04 on my MBPro . . . well, actually LM17 . . . did
not get me into this log in problem . . . not applicable?  Maybe yes, maybe
no . . . .  But, thanks for the support . . . not too much time spent on
the system in the iBook, a few bookmarks, a few email accounts . . . .
Perhaps if it keeps going I'll even get around to fixing "sound" . . . .

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