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spir denis.spir at gmail.com
Fri Aug 22 04:33:58 UTC 2014

On 21/08/14 14:35, Israel wrote:
> If you want to keep 12.04 but not show the menu at boot
> look here:
> https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub2/Setup#Configuring_GRUB_2

I tried this procedure. If I understand correctly the logic, then in file 
/etc/default/grub I need to set GRUB_HIDDEN_TIMEOUT=0 (then run update-grub). 
Here are the comments on the above pointed web page:

     Wait this many seconds for the user to press a key. During this period no 
menu is shown unless the user presses a key. If no key is pressed, control is 
passed to GRUB _TIMEOUT when the GRUB_HIDDEN_TIMEOUT expires. See the note 
regarding bugs to this feature at the end of this section.
         The developers envisioned using this setting with a GRUB_TIMEOUT value 
of 0. This would give users a period of time (GRUB_HIDDEN_TIMEOUT) to display 
the menu by pressing a key, after which the system would boot without the menu 
being displayed (GRUB_TIMEOUT=0).

         No menu is displayed. The system is immediately booted to the default OS.
         This is the default setting with only one identified operating system.

             To display the menu under this condition, place a # symbol at the 
start of the line and ensure the GRUB_TIMEOUT setting is a positive integer.

         If the value is set to 0, a keystatus check is performed to determine 
if the SHIFT key is depressed. If GRUB 2 determines the SHIFT key is depressed 
during the boot process, the menu will be displayed. This gives the user a 
method of interrupting an automatic boot which would normally not display the menu.

I checked again the contents of the file and ran again update-grub. However, the 
boot system menu still displays. I also tried setting GRUB_TIMEOUT=0 instead 
(and update-grub). No way. As if its setting file is not taken into account by 
grub at all. Note: another clue that the setting file is not taken into account 
is that the time-out was initially set to 10, but by me the menu display time is 
clearly far shorter (~ 5 seconds).


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