spontaneous closing of applications

Paul sutton zleap at zleap.net
Wed Aug 6 13:14:22 UTC 2014


If you boot up and work with out the external hard disk,  does the same
issue crop up after an hour,  i guess by removing the external hdd from
the equation then you can narrow down if that is the cause.


ps sorry if the reply all seems t o have sent the reply to several people
more than once.

> Hello all,
> I'm using Lubuntu 14.10. But when using it for an hour or so, suddenly
> applications are closed. Subsequently all icons disappear. It is no longer
> possible to start any application. I try to logout but get a message:
> Execution of daughter process lxsession-default has failed (File or folder
> does not exist).
> This has happened now several times, I can work for about an hour and then
> need to turn off the computer, turn it on and reboot.
> I'm running from an external hard disk (Seagate). What can be the cause of
> this problem? Is something wrong with the installation of Lubuntu, or is
> something wrong with the external hard disk?
> Wilbert
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