Display Serious Issue with Lubuntu

Ali Linx ali.linux at amjjawad.net
Mon Apr 28 16:23:23 UTC 2014

On 04/27/2014 04:58 AM, Israel wrote:
> On 04/26/2014 05:16 PM, Aere Greenway wrote:
>> On 04/26/2014 02:47 PM, Ali Linx wrote:
>>> However, with #2 I'm facing a very painful issue which I may be able
>>> to handle but definitely, a newcomer to GNU/Linux (preciously
>>> Lubuntu) will find it very frustrating and will never like it.
>>> The issue is:
>>> A Large window with some buttons at the bottom of the window is a
>>> real pain because you can't move your mouse and click anything. What
>>> make things more painful, you can't adjust the size of these large
>>> windows.
>> Ali:
>> I have one of the machines in your #2 category.
>> Some time ago, I would have had the same opinion of the situation, but
>> kindly, someone on this list, pointed out, that if you hold down the
>> "Alt" key, then click anywhere in a window (not just the title-bar),
>> you can drag the window around (including in the 'up') direction,
>> which will expose the buttons that were not originally displayed
>> because the screen is not large enough for the minimum window size.
> Ali,
> You might try using arandr to change the display settings a bit.  I find
> it to be the most intuitive and useful app for displays.

Are we talking about the one installed with Lubuntu already and can be 
found on the menu? if yes, then I did that and the issue was there with 
no change.
> There must be a way to fix your issue!

Yes, but sadly without a developer to jump in to look at it, IMHO, I 
don't think we can do anything about it. It is just beyond my skills and 

IMHO, what is happening is: for some odd reason, Lubuntu can't change 
the size of some open windows by default.

Applications like Firefox has no problems if you're just browsing. Your 
pain will start when you go to: Edit > Preferences > want to change 

Same for example if you go to Openbox Config Manager. And many other 
apps that can't be adjusted (window) and the bottom of these windows is 
simply hidden and lost.

> As you know persistence will pay
> off eventually, even if it is only a workaround for the time being.
I don't think there is a workaround for this one but I could be wrong.
> Just think how far Lubuntu has come.  14.04 is amazing (minus the
> nm-applet bug, and a few others)!
Yes. No doubt Lubuntu today is not like Lubuntu 10.04 when I first put 
my hands on :)
However, such simple, basic yet very important features must just work 
out-of-the box. I'm not attacking Lubuntu, that is for sure. But I'm 
just putting myself on the new users' shoes. Dealing with real life 
users is much harder than dealing with them on the Internet in some cases :)

I'm using Lubuntu to convert my neighbors only:
1- When their machine is very weak
2- Notebook with 11" inch.

But if such issues won't be solved, I'm afraid I must find another 
alternative :(

Again, for me? I don't care about that. I can manage it.
For a newcomer? he/she will have hard time, trust me, I know them and I 
deal with them face-to-face :)



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