light-weight and non-pae system via 9w

Nio Wiklund nio.wiklund at
Sun Apr 27 09:08:40 UTC 2014

If you really need a light-weight and non-pae system, try the 9w
installer and install a portable text-only system based on Ubuntu 14.04
LTS mini.iso

and add whatever packages you want and tweak it.

This 9w (debian) installer can run in text mode and graphics mode. The
installed Ubuntu system has only text mode. I suggest that you grow the
partition and file system with gparted (while still running the 9w

Then after booting into the installed system, if you wish, install a
desktop environment, lubuntu-desktop or xubuntu-desktop or the minimal
lubuntu-core or maybe only lxde or only openbox or fluxbox. Of course
'text only' or a window manager (for example openbox or fluxbox) or an
ultra-light desktop environment (Lubuntu or Lubuntu Core) will suit best
for old computers that need a non-pae kernel. And a non-pae kernel is
not a good idea with more than 2 GB RAM. But this system with a non-pae
kernel works in a wide range of computers.

It may help to get or at least view some other files (for example the
help file and md5sum file) from

See also this link (posts #88 and #89 and following)


Otherwise zram and forcepae make standard Lubuntu available via the
standard installers, where my special installers were useful in previous

See also this link

Best regards

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